So the photoshoot I was talking to you guys about before- the one I need to prepare for my styling course in college- WELL it's done & displayed right here!
The concept is 'HARD CANDY' and these are just the edited shots, not yet edited for the magazine spread (I'll do that when I've recovered my strength)
For those of you who remember- my girl ADESUWA kindly modelled for me. HOW amazing did she do.
Anyway, PEEP the photos all here:

Location: Sydney City Rooftop
Styling & Photography by Yours Truly, THEDARKHUE
Model: Kristina Adesuwa (myspace.com/adesuwamusiconline)
Hair & Make-up: Jessica Palmer

"HARD CANDY - Heat up the summer nightlife with hard, black and dark hues against candy-coloured brights"

And of course,
I just had to take the infamous 'PAPARAZZI-INSPIRED' shots.

Aaaaand that's a wrap!
Oh how heavily exhausted I am.
Overall, amazing photoshoot, amazing cast, not-so amazing weather but that was easily altered and edited on the computer.
Pretty proud of myself considering this is my first ever photoshoot, especially working with an experienced model.

Anyway, for those of you who are keen to borrow any of the images,
please let me know, asking for permission is highly appreciated - I've fallen victim of randoms stealing my photographs so a notification is required.

Hope ya'll like it!

**too see all of the photos from the shoot, head to my Facebook (linked on the side)


FashionHippieLoves said...

absolutely great!!!
You look stunning on every single pic!!


Teresa said...

Love the photos and the brightly colored hues! The shoot turned out great!


Hanako66 said...

it turned out awesome, you did a great job!!!

EN VANITÉ said...


Anonymous said...

LOVE IT !!!!!

lolizzie said...

omgsh amazing, great job! :D

S. said...

ummmm, WOW! that is seriously ah-mazing :)
I want every single one of those items in my wardrobe.


Anonymous said...

looks like you had fun amidst the work! lovely pics

Serina said...

Hey, thank you for the comment :)
Thanks for the tip - I will try it out, also if you'd like a link to watch 500 Days of Summer, I can email it to you.

Serina x


misslikey said...

its awesome.. specially love the one beside don't walk on the roof sign
lovely blog also..loving it

rio de` said...

damnnnnnnnnn suga mama,
you worked real hard on this! I can tell! These shots are fabulous, and you're only gonna keep building form here! love it!

xox -rio

Anonymous said...

oh wow, you're so talented. love the shots x

Sushi said...

Gorgeous photos! You photograph so well x Sushi

Lilee said...

ahhhhh mazing! love the btight colours and your hair! agh!

Is This Real Life? said...

wow such a great shoot, well done it looks awesome!

thispetite said...

OMG !! dope photography and the model looks stunning and effortless ;) keep up the good work !

Shaminista said...

I love the chain sunglasses SO MUCH!
Very nice pics

Anonymous said...

nice photos

what lens did you use? and did you use any short of flash?

Pepa Xavier said...

I love your funky style! Congrats, great photoshoot and great styling.