Yes, this blog has officially turned 1! (last Tuesday to be exact)
This time last year I had no expectation nor even a sense of direction for this blog, I let creativity determine its own boundaries. And in this case, there are no boundaries.
And here I am today, here WE are today, still feeding off each other's creativity & inspirations. I'd like to give all of my readers & supporters a COLLOSAL shoutout, especially my girl Rio of MODERN FUERZA and Ingrid of VINTAGECRACK for being one of the many bloggers that inspired me and kept me continously lurking their blogs. Love reading what you've offered to the blog world girls, keep it up!!!

As for other news, these are my new babies, me and my momma- when we go out, we tend to shop crazy, and shoes aren't no exception.

And for other other news, next Tuesday (I think Tuesdays are my lucky days...) my photoshoot will officially spring into action. Just pulled clothes & accessories yesterday and I'm very happy to say we've got a wide array of options... can't wait to get cracking!
My next post will definately be VERY visual.
See yall then, have a grand weekend!


Elena said...

Happy blogbirthday!
And yay for your shoes! They're wonderful!

Anonymous said...

congrats. so excited for the upcoming blog posts!

Miranda Shulia said...

lovely photos

Anonymous said...

whoa, hot shoes
1 year of the most awesome blog (:

Bels said...

To die for shoes!

TheFashionAve said...

Happy B-Day (Blogday) ok actually blogyear. :)

Somehows I follow ur blog, but it doesn't screen any new posts of you. :((
So sometimes I forget to visit ur blog.

xxx T.Linh

Mads said...

Happy Blog Birthday! your shoes are sexy! cut-out plus sheer oohhhh

rio tapatio said...

Awhhhh girl.
That was so nice of you to shout of my blog and I.!
You are such a doll! You've been doing your thing for a minute now and you're only gonna get better. I'm looking forward to seeing it. :)

Now excuse me while I go pull myself outta this blog drought.

xo. be easy.


little shadow said...

These are ridiculously amazing, and oh-so inspiring.
I especially love the tights and sunnies!
Can't wait to see the edited shots <3

Aney, said...

Happy blog birthday swtie - THOSE ARE SOME AMAZING SHOES ALRIGHT. Love all your posts

Pedro Garcia Millan said...