Model Spotlight: Adesuwa

Ok so today, I went for a drive for the first time in practically a year,
and my god was it daunting!
The rain, the heavy traffic - I can't lie, it was terribly nerve wracking.
Mind you, driving is probably one of the most unexplainable high's you could ever get.
You just feel so much in control. Anyway! On with the post..

Tonight I feel like spotlighting one of my girls, Kristina Adesuwa -
Model, singer, dancer and basically an overall superstar with the whole package.
I was meant to do this post a few weeks ago when I got her consent on MySpace,
but as usual, with a good post, it takes time and proper research.

She's been recently featured in Panjo 5's latest single "Stay Closer" which is fronted by Keiynan Lonsdale who has been dubbed as Australia's answer to Chris Brown.
Kristina's the one glamoured up in a 1930s flapper era-inspired outfit.
Check it out for yourself here:

It doesn't come as a surprise to me that she's currently signed under Scoop Model Management, which is the same modeling agency our infamous Miranda Kerr hails from.
She's been featured in Dolly Magazine, modeled for Seafolly, Disney Channel - you name it, her name will soon be all over it.

She is stunning no??
You can check her stuff out here: http://www.myspace.com/adesuwamusiconline

We all know this girl's gonna make it far.
From judging her back in 2004 for our school's talent quest (she probably doesn't remember this lol) to slowly making it big both nationally and internationally,
I'm so proud of you girl,
Keep shining!


J Legs said...

yeh athenas awesome :)

rio tapatio said...

Your girl here is awesome.! She's got a great look, &&i liked that outfit she had to wear in the music video. :]]

ps. So dope you're an art major/fashion textiles... i wish i was good enough to throw it all in as a major.! I'm just a wee journalism major...haha

MZ. LALA said...

lol kris will be so happy :) nice feature!

Yella_Ayes said...

she's amazing n beautiful:)
hope she goes far ..
from what i've seen, when she attended my school for a few years..
she's got talent:)