the monochromatic sydney.

Took my Nikon out for a stroll around town today.
Cheers to all subjects in these photographs for letting my capture such real moments of life.
(Esp those two kind salespeople at Town Hall Adidas - you two rock!)
If wanting to borrow any of these photos, please let me know. For these will be used in my art major.
Sydney = beautiful.


¶ M said...

The photos are amazing, I really love how you've captured everything! I really want a Nikon, I'm hoping to save or get it for xmas *fingers cross

¶ M said...

P.S - blog award from me - http://lovely-bookie.blogspot.com

rio tapatio said...

I am feeling the pics you got of the homeless guys, there's what, like 3 different ones right there? likeWHOA.

good job mija. <3

andre said...

awesome work janelle, liking all of it

EN VANITÉ said...

these photos r beautiful

Ingrid. said...

amazing pictures! I'm impressed. People are usually afraid to go that close to homeless people! haha

A said...

yes sydney is beautiful!
you camera is MEGA clear!

dana isabel said...

great way of capturing sydney!

Ashita Alix said...

Awesome work! You have a great talent. Good luck with your major it can be daunting but no fear ma dear.

P.S I totally know the band
Did you like them/speak to them?

If its okay i'll save it and pass it on :D