Hey Janelle, what did you do on the weekend?

Well on the weekend, I met Ja Rule.
Yeah i know. So random.
We hit up TANK nightclub on friday night and so did 'Rule.
He was kind - let me and my mate into VIP :)
Overall good night.
Why can't every night be a friday night.


BIG-R said...

cant believe it ?! you met Ja Rule ?! nooooo im so jealous x__x

rio tapatio said...

Hahahahahh he WOULD let you and your girl into VIP,,
no rapper, even one that's as out of the loop as he is, can resist exotic looking Australian girls. LOL.


Ingrid. said...

haha i dont really know who that rule guy is but still u met a celeb!! nd got into VIP! im jealous! :(

Hanako66 said...

how fun!!

you look SO cute with your hair like that, btw!

Anonymous said...

glad you had fun (: haha it looks like you stole the other drink from your friend. i love your necklace! you both look so pretty x

christina said...

i'm soo jealous! btw i love your haircut, just a silent reader here :)

Anonymous said...

That's so wicked! I'm glad you're enjoying yourself. I'm at school...I'll be starting classes soon. OH the dread!

¶ M said...

two drinks aye? your going at it! I would too if I met JA RULE =O im so gobsmacked!

7 months! hahaa

NADINE said...

wooow thats awesomee!!
looks like a good night!..
and i too ask the question why cant very night be a friday night!!!


Anonymous said...

yeeah thats cool
looks like u had a lot of fun
well...you met ja rule! thats pretty awesome.