hello hiatus.

Got a few things in my life that I need to sort out at the moment.
I've decided to take time off and figure out what I need to focus on right now,
and I promise when I do return, I will maintain this blog because it does matter to me.
During my time away I'll hopefully find more inspiration around me, enough to atleast renovate the site cos I'm well sick of its aesthetics right now.
For those I haven't commented in a while, I do miss reading your brilliant blogs.
Can't wait to get blogging with you guys again.
Thanks for your kind thoughts and patience.
Take care all,
Until next time.



Ingrid. said...

noo!! :( i hope ur okay, and u better come back quick!

Anonymous said...

aw :( i hope everything's okay. hope it's not a long hiatus! haha. take care xx

rio tapatio said...

word mamasita,
we all get in these slumps and we know we got things to say, just don't know what they are.
go do you, meanwhile, be sneaky and jump on to read blogs:)


Mads said...

take your time and we'll just be waiting for your comeback..=)

Anonymous said...

I missed your posts :(
love your blog dear!!