Let me just say, f@#$ing amazing weekend.

I pretty had the most amazing weekend to date.
Friday I had my last excruciating modern exam, and I pretty much failed that which made me feel like absolute crap. On the bus home however, I get a surprise msg from a good mate of mine and tells me he bought me a PARKLIFE TICKET!!!!
My day flipped a complete 360.

Saturday me and my 80 close family & friends had an intimate dinner at Sheraton Hyde Park Hotel. Which looks like this. The view from the top pool balcony is exquisite. Does it remind you of NYC's Central Park or what? Good Morning Upper East Sydney, xoxo....

Thanks to my dear mom for booking us a room overnight.
Least we didn't have to trekk it all the way home at 4 in the morning.

Amazing, amazing night at Bar 333 and Chinese Laundry.
I love me my mostly-white club and electro music. Super stoked Ministry of Sound Mashed 5 played. Need I mention super lucky we managed to get into the guestlist- no 2 hour wait for us, no way! Perfect night. Minus all the sleazy mcdeezy's in the air.
OHHH to be 18.

This is only just the beginning...


Vikitoriya said...

WOW ! LOVELOVELOVE your dress, gorgeous metallic sheen it really compliments your skin tone. Was C.L really that good ?? I'm having my 20th there soon, guestlist help that much ? xo

rio tapatio said...

Everytime I see pictures of you all I wanna do is yell how fucking precious you are....!!!!

Your bday fit looked amazing.! Lets party someday together ok? please, lol.

Angelakatee said...

baby girl you looked so freaking good! i saw most of the photos on facebook and they were amazing! your dress was super duper hot. xo

Anonymous said...

you looked stunning! so gorgeous. friends, music & alcohol. what an awesome mix :D

Miiicha said...

Great blog!

Love M

¶ M said...

I love your birthday outfit! so gorgeous indeed.
Good you had a blast :) Wishing you all ze best for upcoming fab-u-lous nights!
J your getting me pumped about my 18th which is in 8 months! its just "8" right? rofl

- michelle

Pamela said...

u look super cute!
love the make up!

Rachie-Pie said...

laddyy, you are mighty fly!! and the view is epic!

Miranda Yeah said...

Oh amazing photos :)!
And you're beautiful!

Anonymous said...

lols but i've realized that i'm old enough to know what's right from wrong in terms of tattoos. i'm getting one at the end of the summer, which is now. ;) my cousins the crazy one with the crazy tats.

Anonymous said...

hey love your make up.
just wondering wat blush you use !
you have amazing cheek bonesss. youre absolutely gorgeous