I reeeeeeeeally need to buy tickets for this soon.
I don't care if it's dear (pricey) on eBay.
I'm gonna hustle my way in.

I mean c'mon, look at this AMAZING line-up.

(*busy p wtfffffffffffff!*)

Aaaaaaand my dream DJ.

just to name a few.
For SydneySiders, let me know if any of you guys know anyone who's willing to sell Parklife tickets for Oct 5.
I'm willing to pay under $300.


Anonymous said...

aw thankyou (: i had a complete freakout the other night about my 18th. haha. i was all calm about it, then when i realised it was getting closer i was like "OHMYGOD WHAT DO I DO FOR IT?! D:" but i'm good now. hahaha. ah embarrassing.

i used my trusty friend google and tried to find some tickets for you. but the only ones i found were on ebay. i'm guessing you've looked there? if not already bidding! there's one for $162 right now (:

hope you can get one! x

Hanako66 said...

so fun!

I hope you get to go!

Ingrid. said...

i wanna goo! g'luck with getting tickets!