My sincere apologies!
I've resulted to completely neglecting this blog... and I feel guilty because there is no other reason other than laziness.

But, now I am back!
And this time I will strive to keep this thing going. I do miss browsing around and reading all your creative spaces.

Anyway, yesterday I got me a new hair do... it's the shortest it's been since I was about 5.
And I do look about 5. Despite that I will be turning the big one eight in less than a month.

wearing Country Road body suit, Wet look tights, Thrifted masquerade mask, jewelry overkill, Nine West booties.
I actually had a little cry when I looked in the mirror knowing my 2 years of hard labour had been hacked off in less than 5 minutes by an annoyingly talktative hairdresser.

But I think I'm getting used to it.
Just don't show me any pictures of luscious long locks.

wearing Etro look-a-like dress, Nine West booties.
Thought I'd update my good old LOOKBOOK which has been neglected too.

I apologise once again,
I do miss blogging.
I just got sick of it, kept seeing the same thing everywhere.
Hopefully this time I'll be a little bit more optimistic...


ferry said...


s stussy p. said...

i love your new hair babe :) looking hotter every time :)

Angelakatee said...

that dress is amazing love!

Kym said...

you look GORGEOUS with that haircut!

FashionHippieLoves said...

lovely pics!!!


TheFashionAve said...

gorgeous outfits. ♥ i love them

Mads said...

Love your new hair!=) and your make-up is pretty..

¶ M said...

I think you look exceptionally gorgeous with the new hair do.


kimi said...

I really really like your new do!
I'm sure you'll get used to it. Nobody needs long hair ^^

PS: This mask is so pretty.

LittlePinkDress. said...

Hace muchisimo tiempo que no te visitaba, la última vez que pasé por aquí tenías el cabello largo y ahora te veo con ese new look que te queda fabuloso! me encantó!

Anonymous said...

dont worry my dear. you look fabulous with the new hair cut!


drollgirl said...

you look GORGEOUS!!! that haircut is fantastic and oh-so-flattering on your beautiful face!

Anonymous said...

Love love love the hair! I had added you to our "I spy" lists!

Baby Says Boutique

rio tapatio said...

girl, you look far from 5 with that 'do and your steelo. promise. :) xo hope all is well.

Miss Couture said...

your outfit is soooo cute!! love the dress :)
check out my blog: cfashioncraze.blogspot.com

rachel said...

both outfits are amazing
and your hair is LOVELY!
plus you're super pretty

Anonymous said...

why is it that everyone these days has been slacking off on their blogs? i've been doing the same as you. love the post though! keep em' coming! ;)

Anonymous said...

totallly agreee, i stopped bloggin for abit too. samee stuffffffff. BUT HEY you look amazing amazing janelle the hair really suitts and great pix

LoveJess said...

Ure the cutest thing!!