high fashion at a construction site, it WORKS

excuse my lack of blog updates,
I've been sick for about three days now and I'm not getting any better *tear
Hence why I haven't been able to blog about the usual highlights and spotlights on the regular.
I also am kind of sick of seeing the same old thing with blogs that update about the daily what I wore today, to the nylon spreads of some sort and the occasional editorial spreads on high society mags.
I'm kind of bored seeing the same thing everywhere.

This is why Ciara's Work stood out for me!
She looks fier-ccce. The song's bit ancient (having said that I downloaded it last year, lol thanks to ya'll underground hiphop blogs) but the clip only came out this week on MTV.
To me she is probably the only artist of today that can rock high edge fashion and still look sexy dancing in it.
(Ok guys, Beyonce can too, but she ain't no Ciara)

I was kind of iffy on the fact that she did resemble Queen Beyonce in Love Sex and Magic,
but impressively styled clips like this put her on a whole other level compared to B.

Once again, the whole juxtaposition of high fashion against the rugged construction site works like a dime making Ciara look damn expensive.

For any who haven't seen it:

I'd love to hear your thoughts :)


Anonymous said...

i'm with you on being sick of seeing the usual entries.

hope you're feeling better soon. is it a cold? i've been hiding from my mum for the past week 'cause she's got one. hahaha.

i think beyonce looks like she tries too hard with what she wears. ciara can pull it off though!


Ingrid. said...

i love Ciara! She's sexayy!! && hey>=[ my blogs like that i guess. haha. so im still not sick of daily outfits nd those blogs.

rio tapatio said...

Yea I'm workin on inspiration because I wanna get creative with my shit...not the same ol.

Ciara is pretty ill,, she's got solid concepts. :) get better

Maggie said...

I haven't watch this video yet but seriously in love with all her looks! Ciara's always been amazing.
Hope u will get better soon! :)

Anthem said...

Haha this is great