Mainstream, MADNESS.

Supre's latest crime.

What a shocker.
Although it does not come as a surprise that once again, Supre has managed to spoil the latest trends and of course, over price them at the same time.
I simply don't think $45 is worth for a pair of fake tie-dye jeans,
let alone do justice to possibly one of the most wicked comebacks from the 70s.
I'd say, if opting for a pair of tie-dyed jeans, DIY.
( Cut Out & Keep is a great site for tie-dyeing your denims )

Oh and,
here's the latest update on the Swine Flu shenanigan.

(Hassein Chalayan, Louis Vuitton, Number (N)ine)
C'mon guys... seriously? Designer masks?
I don't really know how else to react.
Seriously, the chaos is going a little overboard.
Although this American Apparel mask (right) I'd love to have just cause of its cooool aesthetics lol.

Yeah you be the judge.

More @ Refinery29.


oniomania said...

i know where you are coming from with supre... must admit though i am a sucker for cheaper alternatives even though i know im paying more than what its really worth.

J Legs said...

ehehe if you dont want them lv masks ill take em :P

yea supre even made them leotards
and cotton on has fringe vests
they ruin everything!!

Ashita said...

hahah I know for a fact AA had that head gear up and running before this ridiculous swine flu!

Talking about Supre *shudders* I hate how they just ruin a look and make it so desperate and commercial. Tween wannabes then wear them... everyone wears them sigh.

Hanako66 said...


I love that LV nurse

Anonymous said...

lol watch all the bogans walking around with them in the shops -.-'
this happened with the harem pants -.- ehhh!!

Angelakatee said...

hahaha omg babe i so agree, supres trying to be so much like american apparel with the whole plain jumpers/ tees and stuff.