To steer clear away from Supre's shameful attempt to spoil the tie dye craze into the mainstream,
here's my little thrifted treasure-of-a-tie-dye-shirt that I scored last week.

Tie-dye Tee: Thrifted $4.50, Studded & Shredded shorts: DIY, Lace-up Patent Maroon Booties, Tie Dye Headband: DIY, Jewelry: Equip & Sportsgirl

Ahhh... if only I had the guts to pull a Dellal and shave 3/4 of my head.

Anyway, I was lucky enough to score another tie-dyed tank for only $4.50. God bless bargains... and thrifting.

In other news, one of my mates Twittered me the link to the new spin-off show to Gossip Girl.
It stars Brittany Snow as Lily van der Woodsen back in her scandalous, promiscuous teenage days- ofcourse it's set back in 1980s Los Angeles.
The show is called "Valley Girls" and it's pilot is actually the next episode for Gossip Girl's 24th run on its second season.
Confusing? Watch instead.

I'm more excited on seeing the costume and set design.
Being a huge 80s fan (thanks to my DJ dad) I'm even more excited on the music they'll be featuring.
The Cure anyone???
Oh and I'm also glad Australian tv is catching up with the U.S, well regarding Gossip Girl that is.
All other shows, we're so behind that by now everyone would have resorted to SurftheChannel.com

That's it for now.
Have a great weekend everyone.


Anonymous said...

your a cuties janzelle.
love the shirt and purple booties


Anonymous said...

woops cutie *

allybaby said...

great look, you post interesting things :)

macyaverage said...

I love all the DIY stuff you're wearing.

C.Chico said...

cute tee. gotta love the bargains!

Hanako66 said...

I am so excited for the spinoff!

you look so adorable:)

Jules said...

your outfit is amazing! love love the head band and that shirt! heh Im a gossip girl fiend-- I dont know how I feel about a spin-off though Im so hooked to the current cast--Just curious who do u root for Blair & Chuck or Blair & Nate?

Great Blog btw!

Thanks for visiting!

Cafe Fashionista said...

You are the cutest thing ever. Love this look!

feather hunter said...

love this outfit! the top is amazing

Joelyne said...


thanks for your lovely comment gorgeous. have an awesome weekend =)


Anonymous said...

i am in love with amy winehouse's version of valerie! i can't believe the spin off the cw11 made...i'll watch it but i doubt i'll love it...gossip girl, the original, will always be my guilty pleasure ;)

Ashita said...

your tie die has character and doesn't have "supre sluttyness" all over it!! hahah jesus christ westfields is filled little clones dont you think.

Hot damn your boots look good :D
and i cant wait to watch the spinoff

liana said...

oh no! supres doing tye dyes now??? dang.
loving the thrifted shirt. what a good buy. and the head band too.
great blog here!

Is This Real Life? said...

Wow, your outfit is so pretty, Super stylish!
Lovin' your tie dye T and headband, very woodstock!
Cant wait for Valley Girls either, think i'm more excited about the 80's syle than the storylines though,HaHa!
Thanks so much for your comments too!
I love your blog, It's really great!


Susan said...

That top is amazing, you've got great style.
I was really looking forward to Valley Girls too but according to Perez Hilton (how embarassing) it's been cancelled!!

Stacy said...

such a steal for $4.50! and i love the DIY cutoffs!


ragil mega said...

I'm not very much into tie-dyes but I like how you match it with that cool shorts and boots. Great job

Frou Flu said...

haha i just downloaded that episode:) 'the clothes are so 80's:) love your tie-dye tee by the way...

sophie-leigh said...

thanks for the lovely comment :)
i love your style, and you're gorgeous :) xx

tobaccoandleather said...

thanks for your comment!

i love the way you dress, especially love the lacetights on you!