Got this last week and for some reason, I only waited until yesterday to hurriedly rip up the plastic that was holding back the treasures that this magazine possessed.

I'm a huge fan of TIME, I mean who wouldn't be- it is both intellectual and inspiring, need I mention it tackles every issue from around the world- even the Fashion Industry (see annual issues dedicated to Styling & Design).

And this issue is exactly just that- inspiring.
M.I.A (aka Maya Arulpragasam) was crowned by Spike Jonze as one of the 100 Most Influential People of the World.

(Click to read article- so good to see Australia be mentioned somewhere in there too haha!)

She shares the title along with our Man of the Moment Barack Obama, John Legend, Kate Winslet, Stella McCartney, Manny Pacquiao (fellow Filipino) and yes, even Mr. Zac Effron as well as other inspiring icons.

The articles are a must read, well at least for most of them.
It's a great way to show the world inspiration amongst the chaotic issues of today's society aka Swine Flu, recession, Ms. California vs. Perez Hilton, Twitter, unethical shenanigans, poverty and hunger (with that let's keep Allegra Versace's shrinking body parts).

Also, I'm quite proud to see a fellow Filipino mentioned in the issue, it's an honour for our country to have at least one person be recognized for their fair achievements knowing Philippines is kind of under some of the worst political figures.

If anyone's keen on reading on, the other 99 heroes and their articles can be checked out at TIME.com.

And with Twitter being mentioned somewhere above,
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boubou said...

interesting thanks for the link and the news !!

Mads said...

hey janzelle thanks for the link!! I love MIA too..=) she is so cool.. and yey for Manny!


Alyssa said...

Thanks for the comment, I'm glad you like the blog... yours is great too! :D
I definitely should start reading me some TIME, I wanna check out this issue for sure.

diane said...

thank you for the compliment and the comment. I love Times too, this Times looks like to be nice, i love the singer M.I.A, aslo the others artists which share the title with her.
Nice song on your blo, Bat For Lashes of course.

Hanako66 said...

that's awesome! The list is always so interesting:)

rio tapatio said...

I loveeeeee Time. Ever since I was a lil mija. So Ima hafta go check this issue out no doubt. :)

janettaylor said...

What an interesting news!

Thank U so much Ur lovely comment on my blog! Check this out, if U have a mood!


Ingrid. said...

It's in Prague! I'm back now and it was amazing! Such a beautiful city with loads of shopping opportunities! And i checked out wantedshoes.com.au.. seems like they dont ship internationally:(

Cafe Fashionista said...

Pop icons making the Top 100 Influential People list. Love it! :)

Ashita said...

i love the music you have on here
yay for filo pride :D:D

i was reading time at borders the other day! Most of the articles make me yawn, just like the economic times ;)

regardless nothing will stop the media for perpetuating our fear in mundane things like the recession or swine flu .

Joelyne said...

how absolutely awesome is m.i.a!!! you make me want to buy that magazine! oh yay you're from sydney too!!!? =D how excitement!

following ur blog!!! ♥ and thank you for your lovely comment.


Anonymous said...

of course, time is the epitome of magazines. it's, in my opinion, the best collection of written articles and stories by journalists all around. i always find myself loving the joel stein columns and the essay excerpt at the end of the magazine. i need to check the new one out...

Pepa Xavier said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Pepa Xavier said...

I'm not a big fan of MIA's style and I must confess that I believe that I have never heared her music so far.

Anonymous said...

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