Yesterday I came across one of the most thought-provoking blog posts I've seen in quite a while. Though it was not long in length, (frankly I sometimes wonder why I even bother as well as others when posting long ass entries when the attention span of bloggers are quite short) it is a great entry that questions not only bloggers out there, but any other plain, simple or complicated human being out there in this surreal world.
The post is titled as 'WHO ARE YOU WHEN NOBODY IS LOOKING?"
Quite an attention-grabber, but what this intellectual lady has got to say is definitely true to its core.
Read the post HERE @ En Vanité.
She's no stranger in saying what others are afraid to say, so I advice you to go and check this one out. She's tackled the mainstream phenomenon and has managed to risk her place in the blog world, no matter how much hate might come her way.
(Although we all know hate only comes to those who prove a truthful point in which people are too delirious to realize)

In other news!
I have to sidetrack and splurge on a mini rant.
I'm at a point in my school life where so much work is being poured on me, and I feel like there is just not enough time to get all my major works done- to be exact, in three months, they all have to be fini.
My drama major and my art major for example.
I have three majors in total, and not one of them have a set concept- I have the tendency to renew my ideas and go off into multiple directions.
I'm freaking out because I have a shady idea on what medium to use-
I want to do all sorts of crazy stuff for art, mixing photography with watercolours,
bold avant-garde costumes for drama,
and well my textiles major is prettty much on a stalemate since I'm way too jam-packed with the other two.

The drawings all over this post are rough sketches and ideas for my drama and art majors.
Frankly I don't think I have enough control over relying on watercolours as my main medium for art, I just don't know what to do!
I just feel so damn helpless.
I should'nt have chosen such gruelling subjects, and my advice to any junior high school students is to estimate the amount of work that will be hidden in senior subjects, for some of them may seem like a fun elective to take- little do you know the horrible major expectations are just lurking around the corner.

Ah.. enough ranting, to some of you I've gone a tad overboard with the amount of text on this post which will probably result in the lack of readers,
I don't mind though, the interest rate on this site is the least of my concerns,
just had to release some boiling pressure and headaches inside of my exhausted brain (lol)

Back to work I guess...


boubou said...

wow love your illustrations !! im really in love with them especially the first one !!

Bravo !!

Boubou xx

rio tapatio said...

pretty mama you'll get thru it.! I admire the fact that you take on so much, greatly, because you have all these ideas that the world deserves to see.!
Your sketches/coquettes/watercolors are flyyyyy. I wanna see more.! :))

-rio <3

Pamela said...

Hi!!! sorry x the late response! i really like ur blog! is super cute!!
i would def add u to my favs!

Pepa Xavier said...

Hate her? How could someone hate Alexa Chung? It's impossible!Love youe illustrations btw! ;)

DB said...

great post as always x

♥ fashion chalet said...

beautiful water colors :)


Ingrid. said...

oh wow i love all ur sketches! I wish i could paint!

Elizabeth Marie said...

You are so talented! I love the watercolors!

You'll get through it love! XO

And yeah, I follow Spencer Pratt on twitter too, and I can't even deal with him haha. DOUCHE.

Anonymous said...

You're really talented (:

Haha, I know. My friends only go to Kmart for makeup and cd's and then walk straight out. Some things I wouldn't be caught dead in, but they can have some nice things.

We Own The Night caused me to break out into Blondie songs. Haha, I'm glad someone else noticed it was being played!

Good luck with your school. Although by the look of things, you don't need my luck.

Oops, sorry about the long comment! x

Anonymous said...

Oh it wasn't as long as I thought!

Chickygirl said...

Thanks! Yeah I know its really expensive! Really nice drawings you got!!

Mads said...

Loev the design on your first painting!! would love that design on a ball skirt..=) thanks for your comment Leon is quite a looker!=)

Daisy Kate said...

Your work looks great! I wish I had your talent.
Kate - www.dazedyoungmess.blogspot.com ♥

kimi said...

You really have talent! I love the second painting. I couldn't do something like that at all!

Hanako66 said...

these images are beautiful...you are so talented!

alexandra said...

love it! xx

Sadie's Wardrobe said...

I lovelovelove the top picture!
I hope you can get everything finished in time :), good luck!