national exposure [and] the birth of a new art form

Welcome valley girl.

(krysten ritter- lily's wicked older sis in Valley Girls- ep24 of GG)

DEPECHE MODE, Freur, Billy Idol, New Order, need I mention No Doubt?
This would fit in perfectly as the season finale,
it's that good.

Valley Girls Pilot on Gossip Girl

A few days late,
but I just couldn't help but showcase the 80s explosion (in all the right places) on this possible new spin-off.

I literally squealed when Modern English' Melt With You sprung on.
Plus, the producers know how to cast.
She's exquisite.


Hanako66 said...

she is amazing....love her style. I look forward to the new show:)

Lily G. said...

I wonder how this show is going to be? you think it'll be any good? I love Gossip Girl, so I'm hoping it will be as good or at least close!


Anonymous said...

you gotta love krysten ritter. she's got some really good style, along with her kinda geeky looking body structure. she looks gorgeous in anything and everything.. ;)

Rachie-Pie said...

OMFG i loved that epi of GG!!! the clotehs..the style...everything was so hot! i wasnt keen on the spin off..but now ive seen snippets in this epi of GG im sooo excited for it

amy colla said...

i really can't wait to start watching, oh i hope it's as good as gossip girl :) and who's the model in those shots, she looks effing amazing x

lucille said...

Love these iamges !

alter muffin said...

I really liked this episode of GG! And Lily's sister is so cool! But she remindes me so much of a familiar actress!Hmmm:)