good morning upper east sydney

Oh man.
I think I should head to the city and take some LB pics.
I forgot how astonishing Sydney was...

(Is it me or is the third chick paying tribute to Mr. Justin Brescia aka Justin Bobby? Lol..)

I remember walking around Botanical Gardens back when I was a newbie to this blessed country.
9 year old naive little girl completely astounded on the breath-taking peaceful nature of Circular Quay.
There's something about street fashion photography, it's almost like a celebration of the subject's surrounding, a way to show off their beautiful country.

I really need to head up to the city for some inspiration,
I might just walk the whole Botanical Gardens one more time,
and this time,
I'll have my dear SLR in hand.
{ source 'em out heeeezy }


alter muffin said...

Wow! These are such great inspirations! I love street style photography too! It's so inpresive!


Miriam said...

Wow! I had never seen your blog!
It's amazing!!

Great pictures!!

Is This Real Life? said...

Love these pictures the city looks beautiful!
The first pic is fierce!
Oh and love your music choices at the side, awesome selection!

rio tapatio said...

Where are you hailing from that made you a newbie to australia???

Or did I read that wrong. Lol.

Those girls got steeeeeelo. You do too though. :)

Ingrid. said...

oh my how i love these photos & stylish chicks

Hanako66 said...

I would love to visit there one day!

macyaverage said...

I really didn't expect such great street style from Sydney. This sorta blew me away.

EternalJade said...

Sydney looks breath-taking. I wish I could go there. Awesome street style. :)

LittlePinkDress. said...

nice pictures! photos of street style are always amazing, always there is something new on the people...
have a nice day!

vorega badalamenti said...

sydney so great!!!
and those girl so beautifull..
i already linked yours dear, i love your post.. your story, and your style.. =p