bonjour & merci

I'm back!

Well I've officially been back from my retreat since last Wednesday but I only had time to update now.

Retreat was crazy fun. Some activities were of course lame, and free-time rules of not being able to stay inside our cabins were damn ridiculous. And it's laughable how teachers still attempt to bring everyone closer together when people just don't like each other, they haven't for 6 years and they're not about to become the best of friends within three days lol.

Oh we got to take our big year twelve photo, quite emotional when you think about it,
it's our second last photo as a grade.

Ahh isn't Collaroy beach beautiful.
It's still looks the same from staying there for camp back in '05 & '06.

Of course, like any camp, there had to be mischieve involved.
The fellow ladies and myself had a fair share of pranks that will be left in secrecy until further announced. Believe me, I'd love to share it with you all but until we give the heads up to the pranked victim, everything remains in confidentiality.

On the other hand, few more photos...

Oh and I almost forgot, thank you to dear
Ali of Baby, I'm Gonna Leave You and Ashita of Les Nymphs who have coincidentially awarded me with this baby, thank you both!

I pass this treasure on to these wonderful blog sites and their talented authors:
(of course, in no particular order)
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Les Nymphs
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Miss Chico

Manhattan Blair
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Also, a quick shout-out to my fellow readers,
who have stuck by me even when I fail to update the site.
Thank you for acknowledging my existence in the colossal blogworld!
I heart you all.


rio tapatio said...

My dearrr dearrr girl,
your ass is so damn precious.! LOL. I love the photos, things look hella restful. &&keep up the pranks, those laughs are the type that are never forgotten. That's for damn sure.


Mads said...

Hey thanks for the greetings!! And thanks for the blog award this is my first!=)


dana isabel said...

thank you so much! really :)

Angelakatee said...


Ingrid. said...

ur so pretty!!<3 looks like u had a blast!:)

MAGDArling said...

looks like so much fun and the first picture is just perfect;D

heleen db said...

these pictures are really lovely :) they seem somewhat nostalgic, which isn't that weird when this was your last trip as a class - if I understood correctly?

Anonymous said...

Looks like you had a grand time at the retreat. Marie Antionette is a great movie. Not much conversation in it though, but Sophia Coppola, the director, is extremely good on the details and keeping the style of the era. You should really watch it sometime. ;)

vorega badalamenti said...

wow, u really had a great time.. wanna xchaange link? love your blog here =0

Blair said...

Aweee Darling Your So Very Sweet & Thank You So Much It's Amazing To Me That I Get Awarded By One Of My FAVE BLOGGERS! I Loveee Youu Gurl Lots Of Love , Blair < 333

C.Chico said...

ahhh i <3 you! thanks GIRL! i really need to update my links list! this week when I get time.

these photos are awesome, i wish my classmates and I shot an "02" one, but of course... no one thought of it. ugh, i miss school

Anonymous said...

Hey Janelle!
thanks a lot for your comment.
I realllly do like ur blog,too.
ur awesome! rock on!
I'll book mark ur blog ;)


Hanako66 said...

looks like a blast!!

LittlePinkDress. said...

hi! =) thanks for your post! i'm new on this!
Your photos are amazing!!, the first one is cool! and your look is very cute too! you look good in pink! :)
Sorry for my bad english, really i speak "spanglish" jajaja so mi english is not good, but i try!
well, see you!