What's Around the Corner: Aussie Street Style

A long-awaited (short-post) dedicated to my girl Emily http://www.myspace.com/emiiily_
We were discussing the topic of Men's Street style, and how we're absolutely digging the Australian casual cool of how guys dress, how they add a bit of that vintage/dope 'n' fresh essence into their looks.

... and that is basically what you'd see on the streets of Sydney & Melbourne.
We're very casual, and I'm glad to see more people are embracing their creative side
as we are beginning to see a more funky fresh style out there today.

Much like so:

This picture (right) was taken in the Swedish clothing store "Somedays" (Surry Hills, Sydney)
Swedish Fashion has always stood out for me - quite casual street style with a bit of quirkyness combined.
The store is a loft-style fashion/art gallery bonanza and is a must to visit when you're in the area.
(they stock Cheap Monday too)

Check them out here: http://www.somedays.net.au/index.html

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dana isabel said...

men's fashion here has definately stepped up in the past few years

rio tapatio said...

ooooohhh you have no idea how much us american girls drool over your boys...&&this post you did gives even more proof....love their steez, x10.!

thehappyhippyyy said...

i spy some very cute guys.. haha.


Devonbella said...

love this:)

Camera Girl said...

I love your side photos! So creative!! I like the outfit on the first guy..stylin' *^_^*

Anonymous said...

these guys are lookin fine.

Anonymous said...

holla for aussie boys :D

Trisch xo