West End Girls: Acceptable in the 80s

So after watching the Brit Awards 2009 today,
(the Pet Shop boys performance in particular - also features Lady GaGa & Brandon Flowers)
I got a little inspired and whipped out my dad's old Pet Shop Boys album, chucked it on 'Suburbia' and resurrected my inner 80s inside.

And a little Polyvore-ing adds to the occassion.

West End Girls
Lady G kind of wrecks it.
I reckon the new wave duo only chose her because she's mainstream and thinks shoulder pads & the missing pants look are the way to go.
Plus she's bout the closest thing to 80s as far as pop artists today.
And I don't know why she's wrapped herself up in a Chinese Porcelain outfit.
She looks like a human dinner set.
Maybe she's taken inspiration from David Bowie's China Girl.
(haha yep - my inner 80s ignites)

Anyway, back to my Modern History essay...

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Rachie-Pie said...

I llikkkee your lil collage! good pieces, i can see myself wearing most of them!!and i spot a few topshop!