Alice in Wonderland 2010

I was supposed to have three continuous daily entries since my last one but constructing a new blog with my team has slowed the process down.
Yes we are officially combining all our brains & style together and writing all we can in one site.
Although promotion is currently underway, I'd like say to keep in tuned, but knowing me,
I'm not all for hyping things up.

What I was supposed to post about before was the remake of the Disney classic,
Alice in Wonderland.
It stars Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter, Anne Hatthaway as the White Queen and Aussie newcomer Mia Wasikowska as Alice.

I am a huuuge fan of Tim Burton, The Nightmare Before Christmas being one of my ultimate favourite movies ever made, and Big Fish with Ewan McGregor was absolutely magnificent.
The release date is not until next year, which hypes the excitement even more.

Because I'm kenzomously inspired at the moment, here is KENZO's Spring 2009 Collection based on none other than Alice in Wonderland.
I've got to say, Marras was an absolute genius (when is he not though!) in this.

Something whimsical, something ethereal, something couture yet something wearable.

My god look at that beading.

For those of you with a bit of spare time on your hands,
or don't mind setting 3 minutes of YouTube time aside,
here's the creative vision version of the collection.
I am telling you, it's not WOW material because it is the summarized version of the show,
BUT although the background Alice whispering music kind of creeped me out at the same time gave off a fantastical aura - it is a MUST watch.
The picture above with the model walking past a life-size pop-up book,
well it actually opens up during the show.

Watch the 'tube if you don't believe me.
Better yet, YouTube the full show and towards the end the magic starts to happen.

I'm off to work on the team blog once again,
so if anyone accidentally (by that I mean purposely) stumble upon it,
excuse the maintenance in progress, we are still preparing to climb the Blogger ladder.


dana isabel said...

im dying to see this, i love tim burton films i love he always works with johnny

filthy lust said...

wow.. beading.

Anonymous said...

I'm so pumped for alice. That's going to rock so hard!

Trisch xo

Valerie Love said...

omg this post is absolutely brilliant!
like you said Kenzo is a genius..i mean gosh that collection is just jaw-dropping.
and personally i think alice in wonderland owns all other disney movies(:

thanks for the comment, and i love your blog also <3

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