Missoni My Love

It's official.
I am, since yesterday - officially a cripple.
Well - half.
I've managed to mysteriously - ONCE AGAIN
injure myself.
So I've got a bandage strapped securely throughout my left elbow,
and when I went to see the doctors today,
the old lady tells me I cannot, and should not,
be on the computer for I may strain even more muscles that I've 'teared' so carelessly.

But whatever!
I haven't blogged properly,
and I'm not about to let my little space in the internet world disintegrate.
(I've got to complain - my arm is killing me!)

First thing I've got to share with the world tonight,
Missoni's latest FALL 2009 MILAN Collection.

I absolutely adore everything in this treasure box.

Angela Missoni got it right this time, (not that she's ever had it wrong)
but this collection's most certainly one of those looks you know will sell straight off the runway.

It's so wearable, so comfortable and definitely so chic.

I am in love love love with layering,
and am an enormous fan of what I think is a great way to cheat and mix cheap clothing, with designer gear.

What's more that I love about this collection,
is its take on futuristic apparel.
I know what you're thinking,
how can this collection ooze the whole futuristic look?

Well I for one,
think that the future's not all about the electronic gadgets, the architectural silhouette of garments - à la Gareth Pugh, Balenciaga or even Francisco Costa's Calvin Klein and the resurrection of 80s shoulder-padded babies -

but more on the neutral, easy-going, casual and down right relaxed feel of Missoni's take on futuristic ready to wear.

After all, there's a recession going on, and I doubt avant-garde, space-influenced gear will sell more than the casually chic layered looks.

Anyway what I really should be going right now is my
Design Inspiration for my Textiles major,
which is all about the rock music influence in three particular eras of our time (and definitely my faves too) -
The Victorian/Gothic period, Late 60s - Early 70s hippie revolution and the 70s/80s and 90s fair share of the Punk phase.

Obviously I'd have to tie in all of those eras to a particular designer, so with the Victorian Gothic inspiration I think it's appropriate to mention Gaultier somewhere in there, whilst Emilio Pucci will be my main man for the hippie inspiration and none other than Vivienne Westwood will be the centre of all for my punk era.

What exactly am I going to make?
Well I don't exactly think it's appropriate for me to upload my sketches, since I don't want other kids to take influence or credit for my ideas - after all this is HSC year, and we're striving for the most unique, fashion forward creations yet.

So if anybody's curious, although I highly doubt that,
you'll have to wait until the end of the year, to see my creations.

Not that I'm hyping it up or anything.

Because that's the last thing I want.

Toodles for now,
I shall get back to all my homework & what not.


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Anonymous said...

ahhh! I hope your arm heals quickly, don't strain yourself too much!!