Happy Birthday Bestfriend

hello hello!
it's been a while since my last post -
and I definitely feel like I have lost touch in the blog world.

Maybe it's fate that's behind the timing,
but tonight I'd like to dedicate my post to probably the most
beautiful, caring, unbelievably amazing best friend of mine -
Ms. Leanne Buenaagua :)

I thought to myself,
what better topic to blog about than my bestfriend's day of age?
yes she turns seventeen today!

So officially,

I wouldn't even know where to begin with our history.
We're typically one of those girls who immediately find comfort in each other.
I don't think we've ever had a major fight,
and what's amazing is at the same time,
we're both so honest with each other and have been there for support no matter what.

We've constantly been through a fair share of up and downs,
and with that also came those moments where we both felt like we were on top of the world.
We have only been best friends for 6 years now,
but nevertheless -
(and I can safely say)
I wouldn't have asked for a better partner in crime.

She truly is, my best friend for life.
(janelle & leanne - Darling Harbour - March 2007)

Of course,
I also have to give great credit to my other partner in crime -
Ms. Jacqui Malhabour.

(jacqui, leanne & janelle - Sheraton Hotel - My Sweet 16th, August 11, 2007)

I guess you could call us The Three Musketeers,
or The Three Stooges,
but there's no simpler way to say than,
we're just three crazy girls,
best friends from the day we all met,
and best friends to the day we part ways.

I say this with pure honesty,
and sincerity -
I would not know how would have gotten through life
without you two.

(jacqui, janelle & leanne - Sheraton Hotel Restaurant - My Sweet 16th, August 11, 2007)

You truly are my best friends,
and I am just so freaking excited until we officially graduate
and take on the world!

I don't know whether either of them will actually read this post,
although I should let them know that they're both on my blog regardless of their permission to be so,
but I'd just like to thank both of them for being themselves and letting my be myself around them.

I guess when you can completely feel no shame whatsoever when you're around those special people in your life -
that's when it really means you've found true friends for keeps.

Happy Birthday Leanne,
I look forward to another 50 freaking years or may be even damn longer with you,
and I cannot wait til all three of us
will travel the world,
going through many more obstacles along the way.

Here's to my best friend's birthday,

(p.s. One more year for you darl, and I'm taking you out to party like it's 2010!)


Anonymous said...

i love the polaroids<3

lee said...

aw janelle i love you :)