Brave New World: LOOKBOOK.nu.

So I finally decide on starting a LOOKBOOK.
Mind you, I was contemplating whether or not I should accept LB's invite,
it is after all another form of web social networking and having MySpace and Facebook is enough of a mission for me to even keep up with.
But, since all you kind people have voted for me to start one,
I didn't want to disappoint.
(thanks to all who has voted - much appreciated!)

And - it might come in handy just in case I end up becoming an aspiring Fashion Designer.
Ahh... aspiring.

Anyway, here's my link for anyone who's curious.
I was kind of disappointed on the limit of looks you could post within one sit-down.
I've got so much photos to share with the world, especially me and my girl LaLa's (http://loveladylala.blogspot.com) DOPE 'n' FRESH shoot.
So my other looks would have to wait.

I owe a proper response to one of my readers that go by the name of 'Diane'
in which she asked me a question on where I scored my DiamondDice necklace.
Dear, if you're reading this sorry for only posting it up now, but I've been accidentally procrastinating on my reply to the point where I have completely forgotten,
until now.

Not sure whether you'll read this or not,
but I remember finding this little treasure at gloss, or equip.
I haven't seen anything like it since, although it has been a while since I've bought jewellry at a chain store.

Hope that helped love!

Anywho, I'm so relieved to announce that I have no more exams this week!
Yes year 12 is greedily stealing most of my time, but I'm all for positive thoughts, and I can safely say school is going quite well right now. Exams included (hopefully).

I've got to run,
I'll blog later and be sure to maintain and update my newest addition to internet shenanigans, LOOBOOK.

Tata x


Anonymous said...

good girl
you should be !!!


Sahra said...

i have a lookbook too!

sometimes i think that it's about who has the hippest pictures, not the best outifts. but what can you do, you know?


Anonymous said...

Sweet! I can't wait to see what you post :)

Trisch xo

Frank & Rémy said...

this is my first time here on the blog, and i must say i really like what i see, and really dig your style!

tanya said...

wow, gorgeous! Loving that bracelet :-)

Rachie-Pie said...

lucky for you!! grr! I have too much work to dooo! but that necklace...WHAT A GEM!

MissEducation said...


filthy lust said...

nice work!

B. said...

You do have the hairstyle, i can see from the photo! wow it looks good. Jealous much?
The 27th photo down the right hand side of your blog (lasy with dress) i actually have that as a postcard from the eiffel tower. I also have this fabulous one with a woman wearing eiffel tower heels. Tre` magnifique`!

Dianne said...

it was me who asked about the necklace

much appreciated!
take care

love your style