a DIVA is a female version of a Hustler

I haven't blogged properly in a while - well to me it feels like a while,
all due to the excruciating course of school work over load.

Anyway today I was watching MTV,
when Beyonce's latest 'DIVA' featured.
I know this song was released (or should I say leaked) sometime last year,
but nevertheless, I was quite intrigued with Beyonce's sudden change into the high-fashion
and avant-garde taste.

Take the videoclip for an example.

Beyonce is rocking some of the most outrageously stunning works of art in this.
I'm not a big fan of her as a person,
but I've got to say, she looks fierce as hell.

Maybe it's the garments that's doing the trick?

To highlight a few,
rocking Gareth Pugh's ever futuristic designs..

Yes Gareth Pugh is the master behind this Swarovski-mesh couture piece.

Sometimes pure genius artwork like these are more intriguing,
especially on the runway,
rather than a few of what we're getting now because of the recession,
plain, boring, common and way too safe.

what I love most about the clip
is Beyonce's eye for extremely courageous fashion choices.
I absolutely love everything in the clip that's Thierey Mugler-based.

I can't blame Mrs. Jay-Z for falling fashionab-ly in love with Mugler's designs,
especially (above) back in their superheroes-based collection.

She fell so deeply in love with Thierry Mugler's eye for avant-garde art that she again,
used one of his treasures on her album cover shoot.

Rumour has it Thierry Mugler will be designing most of Beyonce's costumes for her upcoming tour.

Now that,
I cannot wait to see.
(and blog about)

But for now,
it's time for my art assignment to get up and running.
Until next time -
- and I have a slight feeling I'll be quite the busy bee for the next few days
(fingers crossed it's only a few -
don't hold your breath on my next post

Au revoir!


Anonymous said...

I like that she`s getting more experimental with her style. Mommy can only design your whole wardrobe for so long.

musikseven/Kara Sudoku-Mishap said...

I love her outfits in Diva - they are toooo FIERCE!
Apparently, her lil sis introduced her to Gareth Pugh...hmmmm