The Fascination with Fake Handbags

For some reason, and maybe it's our female nature,
I've kind of been riding in the temperamental band wagon lately.
Certain things have just started to annoy me,
of course I'm not about to enter a pathetic 'dislike list' blogging mode,
seeing as though I would not know where to start, already my opinions have raised eyebrows and I'm just not prepared to add any more bitch points into this site.

One thing I've got to mention though,
are designer imitations.
Yes I know I know, they are sometimes great and very few of them actually manage to do justice regarding original designer digs,
BUT - most of the time they look absolutely tacky.

Especially, especially handbags.

Like any fashionista nor anyone who is simply exposed to legit designer gear or basically anyone who knows what's real and what's a repulsive attempt,
will be able to tell how disgustingly fake a let's say - knock-off Dolce & Gabbana bag is.
I myself would never join the fan club, although I have to say the closest I would go would probably be clutches or purses, since they are small and compact - the detail can be quite intricate and can pass as a reasonably good designer attempt.

What's ridiculous about such products as these are the laughable attempts into designer-like details a legitimate product would have eg. cheap chains that rust in the long run, synthetic material, poor craftsmanship and the overall fake ora these products give off.

I know it would turn me off to be publically seen wearing a Chanel bag, whether real or not.

It just looks shameful, and need I mention unoriginal! I mean come on, people who wear unknown brands seem to gather more attention and stand out of the crowd rather than those who rock them fakes.
Just to make it clear - I'm only tackling the handbag phenomena, I have no problem with shoes, some jewellry (although again, fake Chanel & Tiffany earrings and necklaces are no exception) and some apparel are acceptable.

Oh and, I didn't want to limit myself to just Chanel as one particular brand, I included some others in there which I know could be easily identified since none of these photographs contain any genuine products.

They really do only look good in two circumstances:
1. From a far, far, far angle - I mean like 100 metres away
2. Photos without flash - for the flash may highlight the fakeness of the material even more

Sure they can pass when it comes to those things,
but really at the end of the day, they just look plain and silly.

So if opting for knock-offs, make sure they're not tacky,
and make damn sure no one can tell they're tacky.


dana isabel said...

fake juicy bags always look the fakest, i think its the material and sometimes juicy is spelt juciy lol

Julia said...

You didn't include the fake Louis Vuitton bags; I think they're the most ugly.

Jazzle Dazzle said...

5th one on the box of 6.

Tina { Luphia Loves... } said...

for me, shoes with a similar design is for the design, but for me, most designer bags are not for the design but the quality, like a bag that i'll use for years & years, hence worth the investment! totally agree with you :)

Megan said...

she's siting right next to me bitchesssss.