Barbie girl, in a Barbie world

I know I'm a little bit behind,
but Day 2 at Fashion week saw the revival of Barbie,
actually no - Barbie was never dead so to rephrase that -
the homecoming of every girl's favourite icon on the runway.

I must say, I was and still am (I definitely prefer them over Bratz) a big fan of Barbie.
It wasn't too long ago that I discovered my Barbies from the 90s
(you know, with the 30cm length of hair they all had)
all deeply hidden within the forest of my closet.

Although about this year's Barbie collection on the runway,
I've got to say,
I don't think Barbie would ever wear some of these designs.
I mean, look at this multi-million dollar icon, she's the epitome of the perfect girl-next door,
contrasting ridiculously too-sexy clothing in which more and more young girls are gonna have to be exposed to at such an early stage.

Just a quick note - I chose to cover this section of this year's Fashion Week only because there really hasn't been anything that's jumped out of the field for me.
Plus my sister is hassling me to blog about something she's also into.

Anyway,to get out of the argumentative state of mind,
here's Rachel Roy's take on the Barbie Collection.

I know the Fashion world is evolving,
therefore Barbie should too - but seriously
Barbie never wore this much make-up?

Although this cute prom-queen-inspired ensemble is more believable.

Juicy Couture's take on Barbie.
(So MyScene - the fierceness in her eyes says it all)

Can you really picture Barbie ever wearing this? Maybe, since future is near. Nonetheless, I think Rosa Cha's take on Barbie's swimsuit is pretty rockin'.

And who's Barbie without her Ken dressed in Kenneth Cole?

Once again, another futuristic take on Barbie - but I'm totally in love with Mr. Kors designs so this one's 5 out of 5.

On other news,
I thought I'd quickly cover other designers too -
but I think this post's getting a bit crowded,
plus Barbie deserves a little recognition of her own,
therefore I'll summarise Day 3 & 4 later.

I've got Shakespeare's As You Like It to fuss about right now.
And the thought of Fashion Week just makes me want to day dream and get distracted.

And maybe cry a little.


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Anonymous said...

I love that black prom dress. Some of those looks aren't my favorite but some are absolutely adorable. In a death match, Barbie would kick any bratz's ass.