Dinner at Tiffany's


I'm currently listening to Kaskade/Deadmau5's Move for Me and it's fitting the weather perfectly.
There really is nothing better than house music on a nostalgic rainy night.
well that and chill out house during summer.

I don't have much to say tonight,
except for the fact that I recently checked over my previous posts
and found how many spelling errors due to the continuous super late nights I actually find time to blog.

once again my brain is half empty and the amounts of laziness throughout my body are again taking over so therefore I think I'll end tonight's post with a pic I took tonight of myself and two of the most beautiful girls I've ever met.
And a small shout-out to Sonam Chand (left) for recently turning sweet seventeen.
Love you sweets, one more year until you are legal and I am taking you out :)

that's all for tonight folks.

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MZ. LALA said...

haha, naww.. we're fun <3