So True Blood's second episode aired on Showcase last night,
and so far I am loving the show.
It's funny how I thought it would be the typical vampire-meets-girl love story (fuelling from the Twilight disease) but it's actually a little more than that.
Quite reminiscent of Buffy-like drama - which I confess, was eternally obsessed with.
Plus the Texan Southern accent adds unique points for such a common storyline.
Need I mention aussie heart throb Ryan Kwanten features as the typical playboy of the bunch.
God the Americans just love us don't they.
(particularly the male species of this country)

got a little suprise today!
Trisch and her lovely blog http://trischexpress.blogspot.com
awarded me with a little something, thanks a bunch darl :)

* Link the blog that gave you the award
* Give the award to seven other bloggers, and link them
* Tell the bloggers that you have given them an award

Glad to see that my blog is actually put to use other than for my own liking, haha.
I always thought that I won't reach an award until I reach how many followers,
but it only goes to show it's in the content and quality rather than the aesthetic of the blog,
true no??

And to pass on this mini-treasure, my TOP 7 Fellow Bloggers are:
You guys are all tops, and have lovely blogs - need I mention can actually write and use grammar properly!
Plus the luscious photographs are a massive bonus.

On other news from the other side of the world,
Diesel's Black Gold is definitely my pick for the day.

I thought I'd stick to one fashion photograph today, since
my blog is quite flooded with a fair bit,
and to jazz this space a little,
thought I'd stick these down.

Today got surprisingly hot,
and I can safely say I've missed it.


Anonymous said...

haha You're welcome :)

Anonymous said...

Ah! You are too sweet, thanks so much!