New Yeezy: Welcome to Heartbreak

yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeezy does it again.
and Kid Cudi looks gooooooooood (L)
I remember hearing this as 'Ye sang it for his opening song at Glow in the Dark Tour Oz of '08 (I've still yet to blog about it) and crying those blissful tears of joy.
To know Yeezy and Cudi were literally a metre away from me for nearly 4 hours,
just makes me even more proud I've gotten to witness such an incredible, stylish, fashionable, inspirational legend of our time come to life.

Mr. Kanye West featuring Kid Cudi "Welcome to Heartbreak"

Damn that visual cinematography is vividly luscious and well, basically magnificent.

I love.


Revolutionary. said...

I am liking the videoooo.

dana isabel said...

kid cudi is looking really really good!

Anonymous said...

Hey dear, you've been awarded again! I love your blog posts and the personality you add to it. hearts, Blair.