Whitehouse Day 4

Today was probably the most boring day out of the whole week.
Maybe it's because my interest for Interior Design does not exceed any more than my interest for let's say, science (as a subject).
In my most honest opinion, I think my technical interior drawings are ok, but they're not good.
But then again I'm a perfectionist, it's a rare occassion for me to absolutely love my end production.

Ok anyway,
A freelance artist by the name of Kerri something, (I'm shit with names) taught us all about Event Production and Styling for events.
Clearly not the whole class payed attention throughout the day, everyone was getting restless and people started to leave early.

But anyway, I left my portfolio at school (damn it's so good to call Whitehouse that haha) so I can't upload any of our mood boards we did today.

Nothing too interesting really happened today in class,
but after school - that's when it all began.

Me and my girl Tania went to meet a random French guy who's totes in love with her, and knowing he's a complete stranger I couldn't let the poor girl meet up with him by herself.
Lucky World Square was filled with security guys! haha

Anyway the french dude was hot.
Y'know, he's got the whole french charm going on.
And the way he was talking, nawww.
Nice surprise how they kiss you on the cheek twice instead of the common courtesy of doing it just once!

That's what I absolutely love about the Metropolitan area.
You never know who you'll meet and who you'll check out! HA.

Just a quick ad -
Whitehouse will be open to the public at around 3.00 pm- we're having a display in the afternoon, come see us and what we did this whole week :)
or just come and say hi to us.
We promise we're the friendly ones! :D

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