Whitehouse Day 3

Today involved a heavy dose of Visual Merchandising.

So we had a guy named Jude Gonzalez - (Filipino and hilarious) teach us about the inside world of what you people may think as a "simple store window mannequin display" aka - Visual Merchandising.
Having been largely active in the Styling arena of V/M for 10 years, Jude didn't fail to intimidate us with the high demand world of Styling presentations.

The photograph above is the final presentation of our group, (yes it is very much girly and full of female pink bubbly flavour - def not my thing).
Jude actually didn't give us a clear briefing of what we should get - basically all he said was to collect "random shaped objects and boxes on our lunch break".
Obviously that wasn't very helpful, so we spent most of our break running around QVB and Town Hall (a little George St. Myer was also involved) collecting everything we could possibly snatch for free from sales people.
From trying to score free stuff at Starbucks to Fragrance stores, we finally just grabbed anything we can, trying to avoid the interrograting questions they'd ask whether or not we were going to give credit to their company or whatever bullshit they were assuming.
Like dude, all we wanted were a couple of props we could use for our V/M task.
I felt like I was in Project Runway or something.

Although Jude pretty much hated it, hearing his feedback was well worth it and not to mention, gave us some kudos for actually using props as a supporting object.
The task may have sounded easy, but trust me - clients often don't give clear briefing of what they want, therefore your creativity and observation is definitely vital.
And might I add - when we thought we got everything well structured and all, he suddenly shocked us with a twist.

Anyway, Jude - having travelled some of the world's fashion capitals, he showed us pictures of designer boutiques and how Visual Merchandising was incorporated in order to lure the public into the shop.

I found this great picture of Hermès in London around Christmas time last year.
Yes there are thirty-six aluminium silver birch trees (about 8 metres tall) surrounding the boutique.

I wouldn't mind getting into designing boutiques or maybe even simple visual displays for events.
That's totes what I love about Styling and Design Coordination in the Fashion Industry - it branches out and you've got soo many career choices.
It's a shame some Stylists kind of stick to a box and are afraid to go outside Fashion.

Tomorrow we've got Event planning and all that overview of Fashion shows/promotions etc etc.

'Ow exciting!

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