Whitehouse Day 5

Today was the saddest day ever.
(exagerration intended)
My Whitehouse Scholarship Introductory course has finally ended and I couldn't be more content :)
I met great people, learnt valuable things about the industry and the experience definitely made me want to take my fashion studies further at Whitehouse.

Our last session today was about Hair & Beauty - and as usual I forgot the make-up artists' name, so the closest description I have of her is that she looks like Stephanie Pratt.
Basically outlining her experience in the industry, she talked about the importance of working closely with designers - making sure the hair & make-up matches their overall look.
She got us to perform two little tasks, designing our own make-up look according to a certain time period and another from whatever inspires us that included an experimental hairstyle.

My 60s MOD wasn't too successful. Btw, it's all real make-up we used, no MACs or Bobbi Browns were found - ofcourse she wouldn't let us use exy ones.

And for my dramatic Parisian-inspired, couture-border-lining-on-avant-garde look...

As I mentioned on yesterday's post, Whitehouse freely asked us to extend the invitation to anyone and everyoneto visit our small open display today at 3pm.
While we were walking around the building, checking into rooms where actual, experienced students were displaying their works - we stumbled upon one of the display rooms and bumped into no other than Project Runway Australia contestant Brent Zaicek.

(this dude..)
I immediately recognized his accent as soon as I got about 30 cm from him.
Obviously I'd totally be embarrassed to ask for a picture with him, so I just took the liberty of taking photographs of the drawings on the table.
I'm not sure if it was his drawings, but let me tell you, it'd probably take me months and months to reach up to this kind of drawing skill level.

The taken angle of the photos are obv demented, seeing as I was quite embarrassed with taking random pictures of whoever's work they were.
The dude doesn't even know who the hell I am. haha.

Anyway, saying goodbye to the girls was quite bittersweet.
We all knew we've formed special friendships and we'll definitely see each other again soon.
At Whitehouse or not, I know every single one of us has potential, and I just can't wait til the day we all get to work together as a team!

Until the day we step into those infamous doorsteps once again, goodluck ladies and au revoir!

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Anonymous said...

wow you went to the whitehouse.
well by the looks of your drawings your a great artist.