Whitehouse Day 2

Today was definitely a gooood day.
We met
Peter Duyer - the Styling and Coordination Head Teacher of Whitehouse (the guy who can make or break my entrance into this prestigious jungle).
Let me tell you, he's just fabulous.
Seeing pictures of his students taking part in actual photo shoots made me just want to keep pushing for
Whitehouse even more.

He gave us quite a good insight into the hectic world of
And also the 411 on all kinds of heavily detailed info we've got to put together to apply for the three year course.
Apparently we've got to present a labelled, clear and sophisticated Folio containing around 6 of our own projects - drawings, sketches, photographs, ideas etc.
Not only that but we've also got to incorporate the heavy side of theory and explain the source of our inspiration.
Might I mention, we have to use actual models, stylise hair styles and make up ourselves, photograph and basically direct every little detail to be used in a photoshoot by none other than, ourselves.


No really, I think it is.
I know on top of that I've got 4 majors for my last year of high school this year, but I know my main focus is on what I'll be doing and where I'll be attending next year rather than flooding myself with anxiety in year 12.
It's soo good the passing
UAI mark for Whitehouse is 65!
I love textiles and art and all, but my main focal point for now is preparing an amazing folio for Whitehouse, and fine - my majors too.
After all, it's the folios that really do lure in clients and let them know how much potential you have.

Although it seemed like such a quick day, we did do a tonne of work.
Jill - one of the top Fashion Illustrator teachers at the school was quite a nice experience.
She was sweet and although I've already been to the drawing workshops, this one focused more on the advanced and stylised illustration side of fashion.
We did the usual figure drawings and geometrical sketches, but when we got to the tonal and colouring work, that's when my love for colour and detail exaggeration surfaced.

Just a little sneak peek of my doodles today..

Not a big fan of my rush-y colour scheme, but on the contrary my
Copics are just lovely..

I know I know.
I need more practice, I'm trying though!
LOLLLin' all over those hands though.
If I really tried I could possibly make them less alien and something more alien human hybrid.

Tomorrow we've got
Visual Merchandising!
Shout out to my girls
Lady Lala and Carly V who are exquisitely enjoying the company of Mr. Lupe Fiasco.

Until tomorrow night,
Bonne Soriée!


Anonymous said...

damm soneone can draw ;)

aww lupe !!!!!!
damn the fact that its over 18

Ms. J said...

oh no luv they're both youngens :)

Anonymous said...

i was told it was over eighteens
i cant believe i could have gone.
oh wells.

yeh i rekon! thats why i didnt post it..:P

hey i have that nina ricci fragrance too!:)

Ms. J said...

I knoooow how you feel.
my bestmate got his towel lol!
the feedback was that he's actually toned and blazing hot in real life ;)
taking his shirt off was apparently a bonus too!

Anonymous said...

These are great drawings!

I love Fashion Illustration! I took a Fashion Illustration course when I was taking Visual Merchandising at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco (Online since I was living in Canada). Unfortunately I only stayed with AAU for a year because of my work at the time.

A really good fashion illustrator and one I truly admire is David Downton you should check him out.

Take care.

Anonymous said...

oh btw, I added you to my blogroll!