Whitehouse Day 1

And this is what we did today!
To think food advertising is that easy?
The packet of Doritos as seen is actually half stuffed with tissue paper.
The things food stylists do to sell sell sell!

And this soup?
It's actually filled with pebbles, but of course it can't be obvious.
The "vegetables have to submerged in the soup and lightly sprayed with water on top as it will give it a real effect" (roughly qouted by the instructor).

We made fake ice-creams too!
Made with glucose, icing and whatever else the instructor said.

Oh the things food stylists won't hesitate to do to sell a product...

Kudos to one of the coolest, fashion savvy and talented chicks I've ever met - Matina :)
That just proves not everyone who steps into Whitehouse is a total snob/bitch.

Hopefully we do something more Fashion related and hands on tomorrow!

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