My Travels: Wollongong/The Ultimate Place of Zen

Back from Wollongong!
I love love love going on a holiday.
And somehow, I always always listen to Yellowcard's Ocean Avenue album when I'm in Wollongong.
It may sound silly but I've got a soundtrack for every amazing place I visit.

Going with about 7 families, the trip was a non-stop picture-taking bonanza.
Since I don't want to flood my blog with endless photos from this weekend,
I shall post only a few.

And by a few I mean photos from the Nantien Temple!

That place is absolutely amazing.
It's so serene and might I add, the Buddhist religion is so pure and cleansing.
I really do applaud any believer of Buddhism.

Temples really are the ultimate Place of Zen.

This one's for ya'll!


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