I found a Retro-like, Etro-look-a-like


Before I start to pack my bags for a long weekend of fun in the sun (big chance it'll be cold cos it is in Wollongong), thought I'd just share my latest chic-onomic bargain find.

Remember this lovely Etro dress Ms. Kate Bosworth wore at a watch launch in New York?

Well I found a cute mini dress that's heavily inspired by the one Ms. Bosworth's rocking, complete with the half bandana print, half ethnic influence.

I absolutely love it.
And this baby only cost me $10.
I don't know about you, but doesn't it just scream designer?
What's good about it is you could tuck it in a pair of high-waisted bad boys and VOILA!
You've got one cute statement shirt.

Since I'm not a tall girl, I think wearing this as a dress will probably get myself momma-slapped by my mother so I think I'll stick to wearing them as a top.

Blog when I get back!

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also reminds me of gucci fall rtw