"It's all happening Penny Jayne..."

Model: Jayne Cheeseman
Photographer: Melina Dekic
Hair/Make-up/Styling: Janelle Erika (THEDARKHUE)
Location: Taylor Square, Darlinghurst, Sydney

Another Whitehouse College assignment photo shoot I styled last week.
The brief was to style up 3 vintage rock looks under the budget of $100 (only one item allowed as Stylist's own piece).
Yes, believe it or not everything she's wearing from the first photograph to the last all cost under $100! Well $92.81 to be exact.

Any questions/inquiries about any of the items she's wearing feel free to drop me a comment or contact me through my facebook: http://facebook.com/THEDARKHUE

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Anonymous said...

hey, i was just wondering where you got the bag from?

Janelle Erika said...

Factorie outlet in Queensland. $6.95

MAGDArling said...

great pics, nice styling, u did a good job!:)



Justalazymorning said...

you're so lovely