Saw this movie with my dear momma yesterday.
Absolutely dig it.
Couldn't expect anything less from a Woody Allen film though, so I knew this was bound to be one of those all-time, feel-good flicks.

To summarize the plot in basically less than 500 words...
It starrs Vicky and Cristina- two American tourists who both fall deeply in lust with the handsome and charming Juan Antonio Gonzalo (hot Spanish guy who's going out with Penelope on the real)- who has this unexplainable, indestructable sensual ongoing connection with his ex-wife Maria Elena (Pene).
So he's sort of like a playboy, much like so:

Penelope is amazing in it, must I mention she shines differently in Spanish films- her character adaptations are filled with more life than her English roles.
It's got the typical love triangle feel, but this one's got a unique taste of twists & turns.
It's a must watch for anyone who's simply feeling a little blue on the love level,
or maybe the complete opposite.
Either way Barcelona is spectacular.
Just makes me want to fundraise for World Youth Day with my youthgroup so we can finally make Madrid happen!
All hail Spain, it's in my blood.. ahh the beauty of being a Filipino! (lol)

Hmm, I feel like taking Spanish classes now!


rio tapatio said...

haha i lurveeeeeeeeee it. I did a post on Vicky Cristina Barcelona when I saw it too...the scenery is amazing,, oh my oh my. And bardem, he could get it. haha. <33

Anonymous said...

You have to admit, Woody Allen is a freaking genius. Even his short films like Scoop are so sentimental in every way. Penelope Cruz is flawless in Vicky Cristina Barcelona. You should watch her movie, Volver. It's amazing.

vorega badalamenti said...

arggghhh.. totally agree. penelope so gorgeous!!!! love her so damn much!

Pepa Xavier said...

It's one of my favourites, but I have to notice that there is a good deal of Almodóvar in it. And that's what I like about it!

Hanako66 said...

I loved it...so good!

Jenny said...

Now I want to see that movie ;) Love Penelope Cruz - she's an amazing actress!
Thanks for your comment xox

J Legs said...

ahahha ive had this movie in my laptop ever since it came out in the u.s but my aunt watched it and said it was boring so I didnt watch it :)

now im going to take your word for it and watch it. aahha

ive always loved penelope!!

Audrey Highland said...

I love Penelope, I hear she was great in this movie. Barcelona's beautiful, wouldn't it be a gorgeous place to live?
I'm going to go rent it now, though!

LADYPLAY said...

love that film with penelope and the great scarlett!

caryn said...

this was a really complicated and layered movie --- i liked it a lot! ;-)

bread said...

That last picture is Madrid, not Barcelona.

Janelle said...

hahahaha aw sorry, poor attempt smart ass :) I didn't identify the picture as BARCELONA dipshit, that's why I put all hail spain. and um, I DID say MADRID in there, which is aimed towards the picture. I think I know my geography, pathetic try though :)