Me and the fellas went to see this today.
Seeing Shia on screen reminded me of how much I loved him!
haha. no joke, for many of you that don't know, my only existing dream boy is the one you're staring at, ever since his Even Stevens days.

Might I mention, watching a dude flick with hot Megan Fox in it is never a comfortable thing with a bunch of guy mates around you- the fellas were howling like dogs the whole damn time.
Wouldn't blame them, if I could be reincarnated into another human being then it would exactly look like Fox.

Overall, the movie was amazing.
And while I'm typing this up- it's actually on TV right now, the usual talking up the media does- and the news definitely did it justice.

Also, Optimus Prime is seen at his best.

p.s. Our own Isabel Lucas was not all that spectacular, don't know why she's getting all the hype. But I guess Americans just love us Aussies.
Oh and Josh Duhamel, looks so badass with the whole slow mo' thing...


Ingrid. said...

i didn't watch the transformers 2 yet. Prob wont either since i'm not liking the whole " robots running around" subject. haha. & ya i would totally want to look like fox. damnit we should be able to choose how we look like.. that would be awesome!

Hanako66 said...

you are so lucky...I'm so excited to see it!

Anonymous said...

totally watching this tomorrow!

shoshi said...

i'm not a fan of shia laboeuf...he just really annoys me haha i think its because he looks/reminds me of an old boyfriend.

Anonymous said...

saw it!!! it was amazing, but i still like the first one better

¶ MICHELLE.K said...

going to watch it on Tuesday, I'm so excited!