got tagged: MY TOP 20 FAVE THINGS

The oh so beautiful Mads of Pop Your Fashion Pill has tagged me this little quiz.
Not one to break tradition so here they are!

1. COLOUR: black, white and electric blue. I can't pick one- they're all favourite dark hues.

2. DESERT: black forest cake. I don't really have a sweet tooth, my momma trained me well to stay away from sweets- but I just can't resist this good old temptation.

3. SMELL: 212 SEXY: Carolina Herrera. I love it. I've had this same smell since 2006 and I can't get enough of it.

4. FLOWER: sampaguita. The national flower of the Philippines. The smell just reminds me of my adventurous childhood.

5. ANIMAL: white Siberian tiger. I'm an animal lover, so it was hard to choose.

6. MONTH: august. Of course, my birthday month!

7. BEVERAGE: I'm a sucker for OJ. (I love fruit) alcoholic? some Midori with Pineapple mixed in. yum:)

8. SHOES: balenciaga utility robot heels. forever.

9. SNACKS: fruit salad.

SONGS: right now- Your Love by The Outfield (One Love Smash Your Stereo remix) House is where it's at.

11. BOOK: gossip girl: The Carlyles.

FRUIT: watermelons.

HAIRSTYLE: crimped 80s hair. I don't know why, I've been digging on it. But otherwise, for everyday hair, natural waves.

14. PIECE/S OF CLOTHING: thrifted vintage glitter shirt. Little gem if you ask me.

15. STORES TO SHOP: don't have one in particular. just not the nasty low quality stores.

16. SEASON: summer. In Queensland in particular.

17. HOBBIES: good chill times with family & friends. Shopping too.

18. THINGS TO COLLECT: I used to collect CHIK mags. now I just collect jewelry.

MOVIE: Some Kind of Wonderful. Hard to choose. But I love old 80s classics.

20. RESTAURANT: At the mo, I can't recall a particular fave. but I loved dining out back in the swanky restaurants in Manila! Hotel bars and restaurants are also a fave.

I pass this on to the fellow few fave bloggers, of course, within your interest :)
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transformers 2 comes out tomorrow! Cannot wait to see Shia.


J Legs said...

holy shit this looks fun :P
ty for tag!!

Hanako66 said...

thanks for the tag! this is a really fun list! My crimper just pooped out on me...I have had it literally since like 1989..ha!

Anthem said...

Yes transformers!!! x

Anonymous said...

aw yay, i got tagged!
siberian tigers are so gorgeous. they look so cuddly.. when their mouths are closed. haha. x

rio tapatio said...

thanks for tagging me sweetheart. those balenciaga heels are FIRE.

Ingrid. said...

Awww u tagged me! u'r so sweet! Imma put u in my list of fav bloggers at my blog!:)

I love this list! August is my birthday month too & as rio tapatio over here sais; those heels r on FIRE! haha u seem so healthyy. how do u do itt!? Well i guess u said u'd been raised to be healthy but still haha.

Angelakatee said...

thanks for the taggg honey, ill be sure to do this soon :) and that glitter top is the best ever

Mads said...

yey Janelle thanks for answering!! My mom's favorite cake is black forest too I used to eat a lot of them when I was young..=) I'm so excited too for Transformers awill be watching on sunday.=)

Maggie said...

Those heels are sick! Love ur sequinned top btw! :)