DJ THIS: Whitehouse Open Day

I've made up my mind.
Amongst my other dreams as a stylist/genius behind the lens/editorial assistant-
I want to be a DJ.

Dream SKY high! (sorry had to... pun failure)

BTW Sydney Siders,
Whitehouse Institute of Design Australia emailed me their open day schedule,
Melbourne Campus Open Days: 10am - 4pm, Sunday 21st June & Sunday 9th August
Sydney Campus Open Days: 10am - 4pm, Friday 26th & Saturday 27th June
their website is here.

The mastermind behind the drawing above is Peter Dwyer who is the lead Stylist Director at Whitehouse.
I was blessed enough to meet him during my scholarship introductory styling course at Whitehouse. He is such a pleasant fella! Intimidating, humble and creative. He also gave me the 411 on what to prepare for the school when I do come in for my interview. Let's just say it's like my textiles and art major (combined) all over again... He also blogs too! Which I only found out 5 seconds ago (it's all here).



Ashita Alix said...

Oh cool! Are you planning to pursue fashion with Whitehouse?

vorega badalamenti said...

DJ-ing..i really wanna be a dj since junior high darl..
love it..

and about white house.. so cool!

Kym said...

i'm sure you'd rock as a DJ.. what would be your dj name?!?! hehe!

Ingrid. said...

haha dj! I never really thought about that profession! Seems cool & fun!

maggie said...

fabulous blog! i remember wanting to be a DJ. i've always thought it was sexy having a girl spin rather than your usual male dj.

elisabeth said...

dj's these days are so much more glamourous :D

Hanako66 said...

being a dj just seems like it would be the coolest job ever

rio tapatio said...

Lol oh my jazelle, I can no doubt see you as a DJ. make it crack and in the future when i have big parties I'll bring you over here to DJ for me.! :)

J Legs said...

DJ ! coool!!!
whitehouse visited my school and they got our email addresses too
i wanna go =D

cocorosa said...

dj sounds awesome!! I would love to spin too!! <3 <3

shoshi said...

wow djing is so cool. this guy i know is the same age as me and makes so much money from being a dj. i love your blog by the way :) check out mine if you have time

shoshi said...

thank-you for the lovely comments :) would you like to exchange links?