M.I.A goes out with a bang

You HAVE to watch this.
With 3D glasses on, if possible..

.. I know I did and I was absolutely stunned.
That is what I call a VIDEO clip.
Wicked in every way.

Have a great weekend all.


Anonymous said...

I love M.I.A
her album goes off!

Hanako66 said...

that is crazy....can't even imagine with 3d glasses!

pigtails and blushing cheeks said...

lurrrvveee it !! and yes, 3D glasses would be ... absolutely mind blowing :)

and yay, another sydneysider, nice blog too, the shoes in the post below are ROCKING:)

alessandra c. said...

very nice your blog... and i like so much the music of this video clip!!!! I try with my 3d glasses later! :)
i've just added your blog to my personal list of my favourite blogs!!!
thank you for visiting mine... and if you want you could become a reader of it!
Bye bye!

crystal. t said...

hey! thanks for the comment.

btw, i love your blog! it's very cute and classy :)

crystal x

Anonymous said...

this is crazzyy! i love itt! thank god i had 3-D glasses in my closet. i never though i'd ever use them again haha

Enep said...

love it! thank you for sharing :--D