Gun Metal Gray

Last week I went shopping with two of my girlies and we started off thrifting, then going for the full throttle spree, one of the girls ended up splurging $200 on a pair of Tony Biancos. I can't blame her, the shoes were crazy amazing. I however, got these badboys for $40, yes- only.

B&W Mosaic Blazer: Thrifted, Tie Dyed Fringed Tank: Mink Pink, Jewelry: Collected over the years, Ivana Gun Metal Gray Booties: Wanted Shoes

(to all Sydney Siders) You've got to love Wanted shoes. There's bound to be that significant pair that's always a bargain. Also decided (after weeks, weeks and weeks) those Gareth Pugh-esque heels are to be my next treasures.

Kind of not really, maybe so?
Either way I'm still lusting over them.
Oh and here's a little something, Chace Crawford with Ms. Zoe Kravitz ..

We already style-envy her, but now Chace?
Just playing.
They're just chilling, setting time aside from their latest movie project Twelve.

That's all for now.
Have a great week loves


mode sophistiquée said...
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Fashion is my Passion said...

oh gosh, so sexy... i love those shoes.

rio tapatio said...

Ohhh my,, those shoes you got for 40? AMAZINGGGGGGGGGGGGGG. forreallll my dear.
Likin the flicks of your fit too.! :)

Angelakatee said...

urrrrrrrrr shoes are just the cutest ever sexy! xxxxxxx.

Ingrid. said...

OMG I love those shoes with brown, white and black straps. where can i get them:o

boubou said...

So lovely blog !! i add you on my blogroll :)

a bientot !

J Legs said...

ahhaha yeh the gareth pugh shoes
theyre actually an exact replica of bottega veneta
but i see the resemblance!
theyre also a bit marni and chloe ish

omgg sexy boots
you know kmart has the maddest boots if you love your bargains :)

Fashionistadiary said...

loving those booties!!! yeah.. she is perfection!!! shes rocking the nude colours, love it xo


J Legs said...

ehehe feel free to leave long comments all the time :)
i enjoy a light discussion rather than terse statements often used BY THE MAJORITY OF THE BLOGGING POPULATION.

ahah true about my slr doing wonders-
the pics are better than reality!!
ahahaha reality is ugly.

Hanako66 said...

I love your shoes...you are so cute!!

Fashion Prescription said...

what an awesome outfit!

Anonymous said...

agh i want those shoes! $40?! what a bargain. i love your outfit too x

Mads said...

Zoe is so chic.. Love her!! Oh, N!


drollgirl said...

$40 for those hot sexy boots?!?!??! so cool!!!

and i love the other shoe pic on the left. wow. excellent choice!

jules said...

Those shoes are amazing. Jealous.

Jocelliene said...

yes yes I saw this on lookbook