Justin Bobby transforms into a male model

Time to ressurect our hidden love for Mr. Justin Bobby!

Hahahaha. So I walk into school this morning and one of my good mates Nat B. presents me with one of the most entertainingly comedic Paint-edited photographs I've ever come across. ME with Justin Bobby. Lol, it's safely secured in my wallet thanks to Nat, who told me to keep it there no matter what.
Now I know many of you either have a love, lust or intense hate regarding Justin Bobby but seriously, he cleans up well when he's bothered- all the more reason to gather a few shots of the reality star-turned model.

Tthe majority of you may think he is the most peculiar douchebag ever to come out of The Hills (except Spencer Pratt), need I mention one that's got the most perplexing fashion sense, but seriously I think his scruffy bad boy good looks are working well with the industry. From now on though, he should stick to modelling because it'd be well pathetic to see his face again ever on TV, there's nothing worse than a reality star trying to flood their face all over the media. Fashion excepted in some cases.


Sahra said...

I don't know, I think his fashion sense is pretty simple: L.A. Hipster.

Anonymous said...

Definite Douchebag but it works I guess.

Trisch xo

rio tapatio said...

Ohhh my dear girl,
I have always harbored a secret liking for Justin Bobby, scruffy and cleaned up. The scruffy was mainly due to the mystery, but he looks DELICIOUSSSSS.


frances said...

he's so hot though, i care not if he is a major douche.x

Rachie-Pie said...

i do not care what a douchebag he is was...HE IS HE HOTTEST MOFO OUT THERE!!!!! i only watchd the hills for his hot self. my gosh. yum yum yum, i prefere him dirty with long hair. he looks too conventional with the short crop. hot nontheless.

dana isabel said...

didnt see this one coming but i love his character.

LoveMore said...

oh thanks so so much for your lovely comment! how nice of you :) and omg yes yes i agree he is SOOOOOOO hot! i have been watching the hills TOO much lately and i am in love with him..i do love the bad boys best :)

happy easter lovely one! and YAY for hair buns !

xxx bel