Excuse My Slight Absence

And the heading says it all. I've excruciatingly been feeling the full pressure of year twelve. No joke, the assignments and homeworks are beginning to pour down right before holidays, which start in like what- four days, which also kind of means I'm not in the mood for any school work, major-related or not. So excuse my often absences on this, I wish I could update everyday for I have SO much to share with ya'll, but really I should know better and put my school shit first. (excuse the cussin too - you all can imagine how annoyed I am with school at the moment)

I don't feel like spotlighting on anything in particular tonight, I was supposed to promote a few things on the site but that will have to wait until my sanity comes back (exaggerated). What's also update-deprived is my LOOKBOOK. I know the majority of LB users update their looks every time they go out, when they look their best just to show off their latest gadgets and all that jazz, but again, due to the collossal amount of work overload I haven't found time to update most of my sites. Although tonight, I will begin to make a change and pick up my act - hopefully the combination between being organised with work and play will kick off from now. And with LOOKBOOK, I begin.

Also, a little sneak peak on my textiles Punk Umbrella major.
(yes it is made from leather-like material)

Ms. Angela Kate of http://angelakatee.blogspot.com has warned me it is quite a shady idea that I post pictures of my major progress on this blog, for some people will not hesitate to reach for desperate measures and copy whatever they see on the internet. She was right, but at the same time, I think it's only fair to update my blog with my own DIY projects. Little note: studs, they look amazing and can completely jazz up a dull garment, but DAMN they can cause injuries like a bitch. I've been going apecrazy with studs lately, and decided to jsasz my wet look tights up with them (progress in photos above) which I promise will take proper photos once I have also finished jsaszing up my velvet-like booties. I've also kind of just made up the spelling for that 'jsasz' word by the way.

Alright well this post was completely insignificant to some of you but I couldn't help but release a mini-rant on school work & update my bloggy with somme piccys.

Back to work for me.


Anonymous said...

looking good janelle

Fee & Mlina said...

love the hairstyle here :)

LoveMore said...

you are SO pretty dear! i love your style. and you MUST show us your project once it's done :)
i see studs - and this makes me excited! haha xxx bel

Anonymous said...

I thought about studding my stuff, but I know I'll screw it up. DIY is so not my thing. :(

Trisch xo

Chloe said...

I love these pictures.
you're very pretty!

rio tapatio said...

Wowwww,, those are your DIYs in progresssss?? Lets do business mamama,, lol. && your pichas are cute,, take an excused absence, id say you deserve it.! xo.

Angelakatee said...

oh god lovee them babe !
haha yeah its good u didnt upload the whole thing :) but they're lookin ace.

J Legs said...

thanks for comment !! sexy photos

yeh i totally agreee! people have expoilted it for me and now i dont care
but nonetheless your project looks amaazing =D!

i have to make one next term and im gna make a cape!