The End of the Chuck and Blair Saga

Told ya'll this would happen!
(See February Post)

It's during the last scene.
Guess the whole Chuck & Blair tease didn't go as planned.
Is it me or does Chuck & V look damn peculiar together.

I'm just saying.


Rachie-Pie said...

I am so glad blair and nate are together again!!!! i wasnt so keen on it at first but now, after that whol doretta telling balir that nate ask to meet by the ducks and teh KISS it all works! i felt the sparks and the fireworks lol i love nate. hotness to the core.

rio tapatio said...

You know, I gotta admit I really liked Blair and Chuck together, they seemed right, both vindictive, beautiful people. But Nate is better for her...more grounded. Chuck and V are peculiar, but whatever, I like seeing the both of them with someone else.

And Vanessa's jacket during the break up dinner with Nate??!?! TO DIE FOR.

Anonymous said...

Ahhhh! I missed Monday's episode :( but it wasn't like you couldn't see it coming. There was no way Nate and V could ever work.

Trisch xo

Samantha said...

I need to see this episode!
I'm so happy they're back together :)

rio tapatio said...

P.S. Wanted to mention I tagged you. Go check my blog :)

Jazzle Dazzle said...
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J Legs said...

how do you feel about it??

i like chuck and vanessa together. sweet revenge!!
and because of that episode, nate is officially a dickhead.


Jazzle Dazzle said...

I agree about Nate & V Trisch, something was never right between them two. And as for Blair & Chuck, I'm gonna miss those two together- they have this intense tension between them but then again like what Blair said, being Nate is so much more easier than Chuck. And let me just say V's style is probably the most creative, whoever the stylist behind her character is a trendsetter. Btw thanks rio! x

Devonbella said...

ahhh such a bittersweet ending.
love your blog, girl!