bonafied hustler making my name

I mentioned in one of my previous posts (probably from weeeeks ago)
that I found this cute M.I.A inspired top at my local Op Shop.
Just thought I'd post it,
after all it's only fair to update my blog with my own pictures I take.

Not sure about the pricing.
Possibly ranging between $2-3.

I know I really shouldn't be blogging and spending majority of my sacred time on the internet,
but I can't help switch my laptop on and get typing.
I'm quite happy to say my arm is finally healing, but not quite happy to say exams are creeping in.
To be exact they will be occuring as soon as next week hits.

Anyway, I think I will steer clear from discussing boring school work on my blog,
but rather push a bit of time aside to change my banner once again.

I can never stay put with one thing.

Hopefully you'll see an improvement soon.


Anonymous said...

looking good janelle

MZ. LALA said...

ohhh yessssss baby girl, bet the person who once owned it wants its back after seeing how fly it looks on you!

dana isabel said...

start a lookbook!

Anonymous said...

defs reminds me of the cover of Kala.

Trisch xo

laraspermata said...

Wow I love your top!!great find!
Btw thanks for visiting my blog :)

filthy lust said...

ooh nice shirt.

Jarilyn Ashley said...

I love the shirt!!!!!
definitely becoming a follower lls*

J Ash, Modern Junkie

Rachie-Pie said...

ermm, that top needs to be sent my way! what a bargain!!!!!!!!

B. said...

Thanks for the comment love your blog!

and love your shirt above!

very stylish
love, B.