Good Gracious it's the Grammys

Grammys Grammys Grammys.
Well, as THE ROCK said - Grammys stand for:
Great Recording Artists Making Music...

Don't mean to spoil the enthusiasm in those words but I just can't help but say this year's Grammys didn't exactly do it for me.
Nonetheless, there's always those stand-out performances like The Jo Bros collabo with Stevie Wonder, Kid Rock's mini-medley and despite not being a Taylor Swift fan, I actually think she did a good job.
All that was missing was Miley's own guitar, now that, would've looked effortlessly cool and soo Eagles like - hotel california anyone??

Oh before I forget.
I just want to give M.I.A kudos for rocking that sheer, black & white polka-dot-circles-on-private-areas ensemble (that I think Daggyness Deyn also desperately tried to pull off).
Despite all the hateration that's been going on in different blog sites, I think, for a pregnant lady she looks adorable and plus, M.I.A's always been the one to dress so cheeky & cool.

Let's face it, when you get four of the best rappers in our generation - T.I., Jay-Z, Yeezy & Weezy and combine them with one of the coolest chicks in the world, you're bound to see reeeal swagger!
M.I.A is truly, my chic of the century.

Speaking of swagger, here's the clip live - I think the B&W effect makes all of them look like living legends and kinda gives off the whole classic 1940s gangster vibe.

And who could forget Ms. Estelle!
I didn't watch the Red Carpet coverage but I definitely saw what she wore.
And oh dearrrr... d-i-s-a-s-t-e-r
Her stylist for that look.
Needs a stylist of their own.

Although she made up for what she wore with Mr. West (thank goodness) , while performing her hit American Boy.
The look was definitely more classy than her Red Carpet Star Trek costume.

Finally I found a proper pic of her dress.
Crazy cool hey?
I absolut-ly love the silhouette of the dress.
I think, it's probably one of the best fashion choices she's ever made.
(i'm dying to stalk the label behind the look)
And Mr. West looks smashing as usual.
Despite being criticized on his new look - 'he looks like he's channelling Lionel Richie back in the 80s, with the mullet and everything'
Whatever hater, I think Lionel is pretty cool and yeezy looks heaps decent so much love to them both.

It's 11.10 pm and I think I've done enough for today,
not that anyone's reading!!


Anonymous said...

I think MIA's dress is House of Holland, and I totally agree with Estelle. But she has an amazing voice! <3

Anonymous said...

I am in love with everything MIA wears. I would never wear it myself, but it's so rad that she channels her own personal style so well. I know her runway dress was HoH but I'm not sure about her performance outfit.

Jazzle Dazzle said...

thought so! looked like something fresh out of holland's creations. thanks :) x