Don't Cry for me Upper East Side

I'm currently watching The Hills' new spin-off show 'The City' - starring Whitney and a bunch of other New Yorkers including a random and scruffy-looking Aussie guy.
Who's also in it is New York socialite (and famous short-lived it-girl) Olivia Palmero.
I've got to say, she is drop dead gorgeous.

But beauty only goes skin deep.
She's been compared to Gossip Girl's Queen B, Blair Waldorf.
I'm not the type to label someone straight away, but after watching the episode and reading a few articles on this famous social climber, I've got to say I'm not a big fan of her attitude.
I'm not a big fan of The City either, I'd much rather The Hills and, Whitney's not really one of my favourites but nonetheless, I've got to back her up on this one.
It seemed like the whole way through the episode, Ms. Palmero couldn't help but show her obvious bitchy facial expressions towards newcomer Whit.
I guess when we watch Gossip Girl, or any form of media involving the Upper East Side of NYC, we're immediately intrigued by their classy, fashion-orientated and scandalous lifestyle.
Yes I do love, love, love GG, but watching The City and seeing how it really is like to be living it up in Manhattan - like Ms. Olivia and her fabulously snobby friends, kind of gave me a real insight (and a wake-up call) into the social-climbing crowd.
And I've got one thing to say about it,
It's definitely not my thing.
That's why the next time we say, 'Oh how'd I love to be in Blair's shoes right now!' we better think it twice.
Their lifestyles aren't that fabulous, sure their bank accounts are their best friend, the new Miu Miu heels are just a credit card swipe away and their glossy name tags are delicately placed on their front-row seats at Fashion Week, but what else have they got to offer?
If ever, one day, due to some crazy miracle, I manage to get to that place, I want to be able to look back and say 'I am where I am now, but not because of money and how much paparazzi exposure I've desperately attempted, but simply because I've worked hard for it and my heart has always had a place for this industry'.
And maybe we can add the obession for designer gear - and not-so designer gear somewhere in there.
Anyway I think I've gone way too serious for this kind of topic but who cares!
Little Britain USA's on so I shall get back to you later.
If anyone's intrigued to the slightest bit on Ms. Oliv - check her pad out:

(little sneak peak to her nyc casa)

I am in lust with that Hermès tray.


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