The Golden Globe Statue Ain't the Only Thing that's Golden

Maggie Gyllenhaal rocking the ever-so luscious label, Lanvin.
That bow on the shoulder is crazy amazing, it's just the right size.
Surpisingly it doesn't drag down and make the gown look bulky,
safely making her body look so proportioned.

Although Peter Perfect, Mr. Jay and that annoying attention seeking trash from The Daily Ten were hating on Ms. Gyllenhaal's look on the show Fashion Police,
I for one - a strong believer of fashion-risk-takers absolutely L.O.V.E this dress.
Ohhh the leopard-like effect is infectious!

Finally another truly talented actress breaking the boring sea of dull colours like black and what not.
Perfect make-up, perfect hair, perfect styling.
Honestly, I thought she would come out with the same 1920s inspired, drop-waist, evening gown and water waved hair.
Definately didn't expect this from her.
She could've gotten away with something more haute couture - like though.
Nonetheless, Maggie nailed it :)

Just one question - Where the hell is Shia Labeouf and why didn't he go???
And Miley Cyrus did??


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